Sunday, 17 July 2011

Inky, inky, ink.....

Ok so I bought some Inktense ink blocks for my local art store the other day and well not too impressed with them.

That's them in the front. I also bought some small jars and spray bottles so that I could shave the blocks down  and turn them into ink. Well at least that is what you are supposed to be able to do with them. kinda didn't turn out that good but maybe it's just a case of trial and error.

The blocks are made by Derwent and you can find out about them here maybe someone else out there has used them before and can give me some tips on the best way to use them.

Untill next time


  1. I've not heard of ink blocks, but I've seen the inktense watercolor pencils. I've not used them yet, but I have used some of Derwent's aquatone watercolor pencils, and they're pretty fantastic.

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  2. I'm not overly happy with them but I will keep trying with them and I'm sure there will be more posts about them.