Friday, 29 July 2011

Swap-Bot Swap (Photo Scavenger Hunt)

I created my first Swap-Bot Swap today it can be found here. I love taking photos and thought this would be the perfect way to show of my creativity. I will update this post showing what photos I have taken so anyone that wants to look can.

Keep checking back for updates...


  1. Hi again I'M BACK!!just wondering how you find swapbot,I think I've given up on it-you'd want to see some of the awful crap I recieved from some people.I don't mind good efforts at crafts-it just might not be to my taste -but swaps of items were just awful most times.

  2. I have not been on swap-bot all that long to the point I have not actually received any of the swaps that I have signed up for yet. I have sent my swaps out but not received any back yet. I will let you know what I think after I have participated in a few more mail swaps. I have done a few email swaps and honestly I really put alot of work into one of them and went above and beyond with the requirements of the swap and only got one heart out of 5 swap partners, I thought that was a little harsh