Monday, 1 August 2011

I love new things.......

This week I have been on a massive spending spree.......

A little naughty I know, but I have bought so many great things, including these:

and my new quilt cover:

Can you guess what my favorite color is?

That's right it's RED!!!!

I really love those shoes, the only problem is they are a little higher than what I am used to. Well I can only fall flat on my face once before I will walk in them more carefully. Lets just hope that it don't happen in public......


    Nice to see,You've visited my blog,also to have become my Follower.
    Nice shoes:-)I always like to look at that kind,but it seems to be the end:-)I never wear these high ones.I love flat shoes.Probably I'm too lazy and like the comfort of feeling,I will not fall down:-)
    I had a look at Your all blogs and I couldn't resist the impression,that You firmly want to do something,to write something,to tell something,but You are not sure,what it really might be.
    If I may advise You: make one blog,about Your arts,photography,You mentioned,also about Your life-likes and dislikes,not spliting it into three blogs.The one-in my opinion- would be enough.
    Spread Your wings,because it is always worth doing.Make the interesting mix under the one title and You'll see-people will come eagerly and repeatedly.Afterwards,You'll also see in practics,if dividing the topic into the two,or three blogs is the right thig,or not.Time and experience will show.
    Best Regards from Denmark- Halinka-

  2. I love your shoes and you're dead right ,a little (or a lot!!) of retail therapy is oh so necessary!!