Wednesday, 20 July 2011

EBay - Edited

Ok so I was having a look around ebay for stamp pads and I found this:

I have started bidding on them, so wish me luck I think they would be fantastic especially since they are Martha Stewart Ink Pads. Currently I am winning the bidding at $11.61 and there are 8 hours left.

The reason I am looking for cheap ink pads is because I want to try out a new technique that I found here, I absolutely love this blog. There is also another tutorial here, Rice (pronounced like Lisa), has some wonderful ideas for art journaling that are both informative and inovative.

Well that's all from me for now I will keep you all posted on whether I win the auction or not, hopefully I do.

I was out bidded on these stamp pads and I am not very happy, someone must really want these as badly as I do. Unfortunately I can't afford to bid any higher than I already have so I will have to keep looking for others.

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