Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Swap-Bot Read My Blog Swap

I am a member of Swap-Bot, a place where people from all over the world can swap their crafts. Hopefully I will be able get some interesting people that will actually follow my blog. I know that I am not that interesting but I promise that it will get better, I am kinda new to all this stuff.

Ok, so just one more thing  before I go, I was going through my scrapbooking supplies and I found this whole stack of paint sample cards ( there are about 50 in total):

Then I thought what do I do with them? Then it hit me!!!! I am gonna cut them down to size and use them for ATC's (Artist Trading Card's), what better way considering they are just that fraction bigger then the size needed for them and with the off-cuts I will use them for inchie's. I also have some that are slightly smaller than ATC size that would be perfect to cut 2 or 3 inchies out of.

So now I am off to my local paint/hardware store to steal I mean get some more. I am also going to go to my local cheap shop which is conveniently called "Cheap as Chips" to get some small gift boxes so that I can store these pre-cut backs in. I may even pick up some extra stuff there too :-) This store is great to purchase things like that, some things are not great quality but they are perfect for ATC's and Inchies.

Well that's it from me for now there will probably be another post later today showcasing all the stuff I have bought.

Until Then, keep crafting.......


  1. it´s always good to use stuff that you al have already...
    becuase I´m also interest in card making andI´ll making atc´s I´ll follow your blog, but I think you weren´t on my list to read ;-)

  2. you can follow my blog if you want to I am always happy to have new followers, it shows that people actually read my blog. The more followers I get the more likely I am to update it regularly.