Friday, 22 July 2011

Finally Figured It Out....

the reason I didn't like my new Derwent Inktence Blocks. I was not using the correct paper. I was using standard 110 gsm sketchbook paper. Then I managed to get my hands on some new stuff..... I think it may have a some sort of linen blend or something and bingo...... it's perfect.

I made myself 3 (almost identical) books with this paper in it there are approximately 70 pages in each and they are just a fraction larger than A5 size, with handmade back covers and black plastic (like the stuff on sketchbooks) front covers.

Here they are:

The one in the middle shows the patterned paper that I used to cover the board I used for the back covers. And again I used my trusty bind-it-all. Just for the hell of it here is a pic of said bind-it-all:

Well I'm done for tonight anyway, it's getting kinda late actually it's getting really late here in Adelaide it's nearly 1.30am Friday morning. I should really stop having really late nights, because I am such a morning person and no matter how late I go to sleep, I always seem to get up at 7am.......

Well lets see if that happens tomorrow shall we.....


  1. I,ve just been on swapbot -saw you're comment on the follow swap and thought I'd check out your blog.Only last week I was thinking of buying the "bind it all" and then I visit your blog and there it is!!!I ca'nt decide to buy or not'I bought a guillotine cutter and had a go at making a noebook last night -and there's plenty of room for improvement!!!.Will you visit my blog?I just followed you so I'll be back to take a look

  2. You're so good getting back to me so quickly.I was going to try cutting the paper myself but decided to buy the cutter.Thing is I'm a disaster I'm always buying stuff -use it once and just throw it there!!Aw well it was'nt expensive Bye for now I'll be back again -By the way I'm blackbird 4 on swapbot