Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Historical Port Adelaide

I had to go to Port Adelaide early this morning, so on my way home I decided to snap a few photos using my new iPhone app. I altered them a little and overall I am quite happy how they turned out. Here they are:

The first one is an old rundown building on the river not sure what it was used for and it is really hard to get to because of the new development that is happening.  The second one is of the old Birkenhead bridge that crosses the Port Adelaide River. The bridge shot looks a little dark because the sun was behind the bridge, but I like the way the bridge looks like a silhouette. I would love to get a shot of this bridge open but because the government built a new bridge a little more up river this one hardy opens anymore.

Going to head down to Semaphore later today to get some historical shots of some of the buildings and monuments there, there is heaps down there as Port Adelaide and Semaphore are both historic suburbs of Adelaide.

Recently I walked into a shop in Port Adelaide that sold antique photos of the area before the 1950's, I would love to buy some of these but as usual they are rather expensive, and my purse won't allow me to buy them. Besides what would I do with them anyway, they would be too good to cut up and use in a collage. the only thing they would be good for would be putting in frames on the wall, I don't get enough visitors to my house to show them off so to me that would be a waste of money that could be spent on art supplies.

Well that's all form me for now, hopefully I will have some more photos to show off later, I am really loving the new photography apps that I downloaded so I will have to try them all out.

Until then, have a great Tuesday.

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