Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Well I have been working on this blog for hours and after a few "tweeks", I think I finally have something I am happy with.

It has taken me forever (actually about 5 hours, but seems like forever), to create a custom background, header, post divider and signature for this blog and it did it all using the following websites/blogs:
  •  Kevin & Amanda  - what a great page, they have a few tutorials on customizing your blog, as well as heaps of other interesting stuff.
  • The Cutest Blog on the Block - didn't really look around here much but I will come back to it to poke around a little more. From what I can see though there are quite a few tutorials on how to customize your blog.
  • Shabby Blogs - The Blog - this is the place that inspired me (along with Kevin & Amanda's Blog) to create my own blog background. I began there searching for backgrounds that I could steal I mean use, then I thought " I could do this myself".
Well that's all for my first post, I really only put a "welcome" post so that I could test some stuff out. Stay tuned for the many random things that will be posted here.

Bye for now......

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